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Work With Us To Make Smart Legal Decisions

Sooner or later, everyone in Indiana will encounter a challenging legal issue. If you have encountered one, you should not try to handle it on your own. Instead, rely on the assistance of a skilled, knowledgeable lawyer.

Dalton Law Office helps clients in the Brazil metro area and elsewhere in western Indiana when they encounter a legal challenge. Brock Dalton, our founding attorney, has years of experience guiding clients through the most difficult problems of their lives.

He can help you with legal matters in several practice areas, including:

  • Criminal defense: If you face criminal charges, including, DUI, assault or theft, Mr. Dalton will protect your rights.
  • Estate planning: Create an estate plan that suits your needs. If you are an executor or administrator, we can help you, too.
  • Personal injury: Seek the maximum compensation available following a car accident or another negligent accident.

Dalton Law Office will guide you with every step in the legal process, explain your options and help you make wise decisions about your future.

Willing To Negotiate Or Go To Trial For You

Mr. Dalton resolves most cases out of court, saving time, effort and money for his clients. However, he is also an experienced trial lawyer. If going to trial is the only way to seek the best outcome available to you, then he will not hesitate to litigate your case.

A Caring Member Of The Indiana Community

When you work with Mr. Dalton, you are also working with a resident of Indiana who cares for his fellow community members. He understands the many details of municipal and state law and has appeared in courts throughout the state. He will represent you with compassion and skill.

Get Smart Our Smart Legal Advice Today

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by scheduling an initial consultation with Dalton Law Office. Schedule your consultation to speak with Mr. Dalton and hear his experienced legal counsel. Call 812-414-1597 or send the office an email today.