A Professional Approach To Life’s Legal Challenges

When it comes to the law, the last thing you want is to make decisions you do not understand. Attorney Brock Dalton has years of experience with criminal defense, estate planning and personal injury law. Work with him and make informed decisions about your future.

Guiding Indiana Residents Through Criminal Defense Issues

A Strong Defense And Levelheaded Advice

When sitting across from the prosecutor or facing them in court, you need an attorney by your side who will cut through the legal jargon and scare tactics. A quality defense attorney will tell you the truth about your options and prospects, help you set realistic goals and then fight to help you attain them. At Dalton Law Office, your future is the priority. Attorney Brock Dalton helps you make wise choices and is unafraid of the state’s attorneys.

Mr. Dalton can help you protect your freedom. He is acutely aware of the ways a criminal conviction will change your life and will help you through professional and time-tested service. Moreover, he is a strong advocate who cares about your needs and liberties, not just about closing out another case.

Other Services Offered At Dalton Law Office

In addition to his comprehensive criminal defense offerings, Mr. Dalton provides a wide range of other services for individuals in and around Clay County. His legal experience extends to:

  • Creating thorough estate plans, including wills and trusts
  • Probate and estate administration guidance
  • Acquiring appropriate settlements for those injured in accidents

If you are concerned about a legal situation involving any of these topics, please contact Mr. Dalton and find out how his services can help provide you with a better future.

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